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2473652012 An Open-source Physical-theatre Project
An introduction to the project. Enjoy and take part! This video is one of the tools for a new, open-source physical-theatre project by Jens Bäckvall...
Length: 05:34
2473652012 - August 201
All of August's videos in one "calendar page". Beginning in March 2013, the next stage of this project commences, where I ask as many people...
Length: 01:01
Volatile Pills (Day 13 - Jens)
In the exploded pharmacy of air particulate matter, where semi-volatile compounds, results of human activity, are the dominant component, nothing stays the s...
Length: 01:57
Congested Body (Day 363 - Jens)
The clouds congested in the sky, obliterating all but a dim grey light, rendering everything a uniform lack of colour. Movement became increasingly difficult...
Length: 01:53
Day 3 - Christian
Hånd impro på en tirsdag This video is one of the tools for a new, open-source physical-theatre project by Jens Bäckvall and Christian Adelhorst Rossil....
Length: 01:46
Different Body-language (Day 362 - Jens)
Natural is seductive, it is tempting and often an easy choice. Natural is enticing and gives you what you want. Natural is what you instinctively...
Length: 01:04
Mad Scientist Development (Day 282 - Jens)
Bubbling reverberations travel through the air, carressing my skin and my eardrums, filling me with you. The essence of you singing along my spine, making...
Length: 01:43
Anticipation (Day 357 - Jens)
Spin-doctor: - We slip in a couple of new ways of seeing things and hey presto, when the gift is opened it will scream all...
Length: 00:57
Behind The Wheel (Day 251 - Jens)
I am about to catch the dream, behind the wheel of a machine that will take me -- or I will take it -- into...
Length: 00:48
Through the Looking Glass (Day 199 - Jens)
My reflexes reflect the movements of my reflection, rapidly returning them, redoing them and re-feeding them into an everlasting loop. This video is one of...
Length: 01:14

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