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2473652012 An Open-source Physical-theatre Project
An introduction to the project. Enjoy and take part! This video is one of the tools for a new, open-source physical-theatre project by Jens Bäckvall...
Length: 05:34
Undulating (Day 355 - Jens)
Ululating, undulating, the modern cultist is alive, and with the beat is cultivating newer ways for man to thrive. He moves in ways one never...
Length: 00:57
Squirrel Man (Day 198 - Jens)
It has to be quick; if you do it. It has to be efficient and perfect. If you do it to me, please do it...
Length: 02:58
Limbs (Day 351 - Jens)
What are you, who are we, why do we, WHAT?!? Going into these things, she drowned herself in her own grey matter, trying to breathe...
Length: 01:18
Silence in the Office (Day 276 - Jens)
I came here for the silence, never expecting it to be so loud. When I imagined silence, I thought it would be tranquil and soft,...
Length: 01:15
Black and White (Day 358 - Jens)
I slipped out, flowing along paths, between houses, past hedges, over fields, through forests. Slipping into an almost frozen stream, moving with the water, ......
Length: 01:18
Planting the Magic Seed (Day 104 - Jens)
A fish, dead in the water, starts to swim against all odds. It was after all dead; or was it? If your fish is dead...
Length: 01:08
Paper Play (Day 354 - Jens)
The two boys had passed the same beggar every day for weeks never giving him anything but dirty looks muttering to each other that he...
Length: 01:18
Behind The Wheel (Day 251 - Jens)
I am about to catch the dream, behind the wheel of a machine that will take me -- or I will take it -- into...
Length: 00:48
Twelve Eyes (Day 249 - Jens)
Night broken by a street-lamp. Light that gives no comfort. Temporary safe-haven, in a sea of the unseen. Brief respite from imagination. You do not...
Length: 00:59

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