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Монтаж лазерных линеек / Laser Bar Bonding FINEPLACER® femto
Подробней об установке можно узнать здесь: Подробней о монтаже лазерных линеек Вы узн...
Length: 02:43
Монтаж лазерных линеек (AuSn) / Laser Bar Bonding using Gold Tin Process on FINEPLACER® lambda
Подробная информация на: Au/Sn eutectic laser bar bonding uses the application of...
Length: 04:01
Gülüş tasarımında bonding uygulaması ne anlama gelir
Diş Hekimi Arzu Yalnız Zogun Estetik Gülüş Tasarımı, Bonding
Length: 01:07
Rabbit Pre bonding Day 2
Bonding bunny rabbit Smudge and Kisses. She's not impressed at all but it's only day 2 of the initial introductions. My 4 year old does...
Length: 02:15
Humans: Pair-Bonding or Tournament Species?
After watching videos by GirlWritesWhat, Barbarossaaaa & others, I have concluded that we humans are no longer the pair-bonding species we used to be for...
Length: 03:14
Laboratory, R&D and Prototyping Die Bonding on FINEPLACER® lambda
Модульная архитектура позволяет провести весь цикл микромонтажных работ на одной установке... Подробная информация на:
Length: 02:56
Ionic and covalent bonding
We did a school project on chemical bonding This video focuses on ionic and covalent (simple & giant) bonding.
Length: 08:09
Dentale Adhäsivtechnik -- Ein Blick hinter die Kulissen der Bonding-Systeme
Watch the entire course online on:
Length: 07:21
Sept 1 2013 2:36AM Hide & Seek & Bonding!
Uma flyby to the upper branches - Hans on the watch! At 3:11AM Uma flies down to lower perch below Hideout and watches Hans. She...
Length: 07:32
January 16 2013 8:00PM Bonding Attempts!
Bonding attempts at 8:00PM, 8:15PM and 8:46PM!
Length: 03:42

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