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SURVIVOR (Commodore 64 HTML + CSS + JavaScript Game Remake / Prototype) - Level Flythrough
Playing through the first level of SURVIVOR, a browser-based remake of a Commodore 64 game. Related: Level editor, creating and playing a custom level: http:......
Length: 03:52
Commodore 64: Basic/Assembly games (91-93)
All of my C64 videos can be found grouped together on my website here: Page for C64 Basic listings (which...
Length: 26:35
Commodore 64: First Assembly Game (1992)
All of my C64 videos can be found grouped together on my website here: This is the first 100% assembly la......
Length: 16:54
Commodore 64 review
View all of my C64 tutorials at This video has been created to generate an audience response. My question...
Length: 27:11
The Indisputable Top 15 C64 Soundtracks of All Time
No arguing, please! Keep in mind some of the games have more than one in-game song, and that only one is heard here. 15. Hades...
Length: 09:55
Commodore 64 Pitfall II Assembly Language Hack
If you have ever wondered how to hack into a Commodore 64 game then you've come to the right place. Pitfall II Hack explained: I...
Length: 34:41
Jeri Ellsworth with modified Commodore-64 bass guitar at 2012 Maker Faire Bay Area
I had most fortunate opportunity to interview Jeri Ellsworth who modified a Commodore 64 into a bass guitar (at the time she didn't know she...
Length: 04:15
Computer:club² - Folge 91 - 30 Jahre Commodore 64 mit dem Return-Magazin
Vor nunmehr 30 Jahren, also 1982, erblickte der erste Commodore C64 ( das Licht der Welt, der Beginn einer Ära. Ein...
Length: 30:32
Commodore 64 by Chris Mayhew: The Blue Crown
Learn this effect now:
Length: 01:21
How to Build DuraMax Vinyl Sheds
DuraMax Sheds: http://www.storageshedsonsale.... Vinyl Sheds: http://www.storageshedsonsale....
Length: 09:41

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