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"Coltrane", por Paolo Parisi
Novela Gráfica Editorial La Pinta, 2013 Mas informacion:
Length: 02:24
John Coltrane - "My Favorite Things"
John Coltrane & Eric Dolphy About this video: John Coltrane and Eric Dolphy perform together during a 1960's television appearance. "My Favorite Things." The...
Length: 10:36
JEFFREY CAMPBELL Coltrane Unboxing & Comparison
I finally got my hands on the sort after Jeffrey Campbell Coltranes & thought it might be also worth comparing them against my New Look...
Length: 05:41
JOHN COLTRANE: Naima (1959) - HD & very best audio
Original track n.6 L.P.'s "Giant Steps" - Recorded december,2 1959 at Atlantic Studios N.Y.C. - John Coltrane: tenor sax Paul Chambers: double bass Jimmy Cob......
Length: 04:50
John Coltrane - Body And Soul (1964) Kamatamania Entertainments ('∀`)
Length: 05:41
26-2 (J. Coltrane) Legato Practice - Tom Quayle
For lessons with me and to check learn my legato/hybrid technique go to: - Hey guys, I've been practicing improvised ......
Length: 02:14
5 Jazz Guitar Licks - John Coltrane Style - with tabs
five licks from my book "II-V-I authentic modern jazz phrasing" the tabs and the backing track are available at http://www.klangfarbe-noten-sh...
Length: 01:21
Take The Coltrane - William Parker Orchestra
from "Essence of Ellington", Live in Milano (AUM Fidelity 2012) Ernie Odoom (voice) Kidd Jordan (tenor sax) Roy Camp...
Length: 21:10
Alice Coltrane - Turiya and Ramakrishna
Artist: Alice Coltrane Title: Turiya and Ramakrishna From: Ptah, The El Daoud (Impulse) USA [1970] Jazz. Alice Coltrane - Piano Ron Carter - Bass Ben...
Length: 08:16
john coltrane - "i want to talk about you" - half note, 1965 (1)
john coltrane quartet - "i want to talk about you" part 1 half note, nyc 1965 john coltrane, ts mccoy tyner, p jimmy garrison, b...
Length: 09:02

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