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FFXIII2 Speedrun - Caius (Oerba)
This is the only Caius fight that doesn't make me rage. He still deals a lot of damage but he's not nearly as threatening (no...
Length: 02:00
FFXIII-2 - Solving the Hands of Time
The Hands of Time has to be the most annoying puzzle if you aren't really trying to solve it. It was for me, until I...
Length: 04:01
Japan Expo 2013 - Cosplay Show du Vendredi - Serah Farron - FFXIII-2
Length: 01:04
Fantasy-Fare (FFXIII-2 Remix) by ViRiX
very good!
Length: 03:27
FFXIII-2 Fighting Omega (Finished in 3min ++)
FFXIII-2 Serah/Noel/Chichu/Lightning/Purple Chocobo versus Omega. Yet I failed to get the omega crystal for no matter how many trials. Sad case :(
Length: 03:52
FFXIII-2: Why I don't Gamble
Aside from the fact that I would actually make it big in vegas. I get greedy. Worse I'd become a jerk. I would be the...
Length: 01:56
Fandom made I don't own anything. Music: Rise And Fall by Krewella Genere: dubstep Game: final fantasy XIII/2 Calm Dubstep video. any questions? :)
Length: 01:03
Alexandra plays FFXiii-2,pupu's DLC
yeah it's my first time fighting these cute little things I was really careless in this fight, trying out new roles but I did fair...
Length: 11:32
FFXIII-2 Episode Thirty: Walk With Me
My bobble is buzzing kupo!
Length: 32:46
FFXIII-2 Episode Thirty Six: Tidying Up
The continuing adventures of Ezio and Fashion Victim.
Length: 24:40

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