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FFXIII2 Speedrun - Caius (Oerba)
This is the only Caius fight that doesn't make me rage. He still deals a lot of damage but he's not nearly as threatening (no...
Length: 02:00
Japan Expo 2013 - Cosplay Show du Vendredi - Serah Farron - FFXIII-2
Length: 01:04
Fantasy-Fare (FFXIII-2 Remix) by ViRiX
very good!
Length: 03:27
FFXIII-2 Episode Twenty Two: Airships STILL Only Go Down
Sazh and Rasputin Are There.
Length: 18:14
FFXIII-2 Fighting Omega (Finished in 3min ++)
FFXIII-2 Serah/Noel/Chichu/Lightning/Purple Chocobo versus Omega. Yet I failed to get the omega crystal for no matter how many trials. Sad case :(
Length: 03:52
FFXIII-2: Why I don't Gamble
Aside from the fact that I would actually make it big in vegas. I get greedy. Worse I'd become a jerk. I would be the...
Length: 01:56
Fandom made I don't own anything. Music: Rise And Fall by Krewella Genere: dubstep Game: final fantasy XIII/2 Calm Dubstep video. any questions? :)
Length: 01:03
FFXIII-2 Ambient Piece
An ambient piece inspired by Final Fantasy XIII-2.
Length: 01:59
Alexandra plays FFXiii-2,pupu's DLC
yeah it's my first time fighting these cute little things I was really careless in this fight, trying out new roles but I did fair...
Length: 11:32
FFXIII-2 PAX trailer
eDome -
Length: 02:36

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