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Kagamine Rin - The Lost One's Weeping (ロストワンの号哭)
Who destroyed my childhood dreams? I think you already know the answer to that... Few sentences that go by really quickly at the beginning translate...
Length: 03:38
【Kagamine Len】 The Riddle Solver who can't solve Riddles【Vocaloid PV】
So, Who is the culprit? He's right here.. -smiles evily-
Length: 02:47
【Kagamine Rin Len】ALCANO【Original PV】
Nico: Music: Patorichefu Illustrations Video: soriku Mastering: Shogo Yoshida.
Length: 04:13
Kagamine Rin - Here and There (彼方此方) by DATEKEN
DATEKEN pops out a chiptune Rin (Sweet Append) song for a compilation album. It is titled, "I Can't Sleep Because Kagamine Rin Is Fawning Me...
Length: 03:35
Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len - Servant of Evil
I don't own this mv ... this mv belong to " ThatCylindricalGuy " Romaji Title: Aku no Meshitsukai -Classical Version- English Title: Servant of Evil...
Length: 06:57
[Kagamine Len] Outer Science [Rearranged cover]
Reprinted from nicovideo / Reimpreso desde nicovideo ニコニコ動画(原宿) NOT MINE! All credits goes to the creators of the PV & song Todos los créditos son...
Length: 03:37
Rin Kagamine ~ Regret Message (Ballad ver.)
Rin Kagamine singing "Regret Message" (リグレットメッセージ, Rigureto Messeeji) with subtitles, enjoy~ ☜♥☞ More information below, as always~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
Length: 06:15
Kagamine Rin - Soleil (Vostfr + Romaji)
Requête de Karrollyne. Traduction de Soleil en français. La traduction, les sous-titres et l'encodage sont d moi. Titre : Soleil Vocal : Kagamine Rin Musique......
Length: 03:51
【Kagamine Len and Rin】Sincerity Nature: Drastic Measures of Ignorance PV【English Subs】
YES! New song by Suzumu (スズム)! Check out their previous song "Indulging: Idol Syndrome". I do not own the music, video, or lyrics, all rights...
Length: 03:51
Meltdown - Rin Kagamine
Please rate and comment-! Enjoy! :3 English lyrics by soundares Kanji & romanji lyrics by KUMA Here's the romanji lyrics and english lyrics : ---------------......
Length: 05:33

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