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Nazi Germany - A Creation of the Roman Catholic Jesuits and Vatican (MIRROR)
ORIGINAL UPLOADER: =e9zBX4gt0eo&bpctr=1390003565 Vatican launches YouTube channel - ...
Length: 22:02
Cardinal Pacelli and the Roman Catholic Fascist "Church" Please check out above link for so much documentation showing that Nazism was a product of Roman Catholicism (satanism)...
Length: 10:45
Nazi Pop Twins 2007
Length: 49:14
Sistemas Totalitarios
El Nazismo como un sistema totalitario Referencias * *
Length: 08:07
Golpe de estado NEO-NAZI en UCRANIA apoyado por EEUU-FED/UE DESPERTAR!!!
Agradecimientos Infomacion y Documentacion La VERDAD prohibida: ESTADOS UNIDOS instaló un gobierno NEO-NAZI en Ucrania. http://pensaresgratis-mafiapps...
Length: 13:30
Vatican's Holocaust 3/6 - Nazi Croatia death camps
Most horrifying religious massacre in 20th century: The Vatican's holocaust in Nazi Croatia that they concealed from you for decades, playing the vital role ......
Length: 10:00
Neo-Nazi Takeover? Ultra-nationalists take center stage amid political chaos in Ukraine
The threat of neo-nazi ideology is causing alarm in Ukraine. The country, home to over 13 ethnicities, is now rocked on a daily basis by...
Length: 03:09
The Nazi Economic Miracle
How Hitler "solved" unemployment in Germany.
Length: 04:25
Nazi Collaborators - Ioannis Rallis - Part 1
From the series Nazi Collaborators, The Greek Collaborator. From wikipedia: Ioannis Rallis was the third and last collaborationist prime minister of Greece d...
Length: 11:40
Lectures in History: Nazi POWs in America
Preview - Full Program Airs September 21, 2013 at 8pm & September 22, at 12am & 1pm ET - For More Information:

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