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Afacerile din minerit, disputate politic -
Length: 01:56
Indonesia justice minister under fire because the government Indonesia politic are support Palestine In Indonesian Government politics for his influences to the people of Indonesia always targeting point to Israel i...
Length: 03:00
Ora Adevarului 22.05.2012.mp4
Ora Adevarului 22.05.2012 - CEO, ÎMPARȚIT POLITIC -
Length: 56:03
Left, Right Unite Against New Obama IRS Rules
Have the latest actions by the President cost him the support of left-leaning advocacy groups? New tax regulations developed by President Obama have angered ......
Length: 02:07
A Broken Jaw Didn't Stop This Man From Fighting LOUD Against Money In Politics
Chiban Amde faced a snowstorm to speak at a House Rules committee hearing in Maryland for HJ 7, a resolution calling for a return to...
Length: 04:51
Polish Politician Makes Death Metal Political Ad
Polish politician makes death metal political ad. Translation over at Political Wire at
Length: 00:46
Surviving Office Politics, HRD June 2012 Newsletter
Dr. Stu Tubbs talks about office politics and how to survive in the workplace. He will be presenting on this topic at U-M on July...
Length: 03:23
261-й подКаст от Канадского Лося и Со.
"Если хотите быть на плаву, не держите камни за пазухой." 261-й подкаст от Канадского Лося и Со. - "Лайнус наш Дартаньян!" - [22-September-2011] Hosts: -...
Length: 02:08
Голодающие по заказу? Помощник главы Волгограда Ирины Гусевой, являвшаяся инициатором якобы имевшей место голодовки многодетных матерей, двух...
Length: 04:54
С. Ильин: у оппозиции нет шансов Олег Чиркунов покинул Россию. Эксперты говорят: бывший губернатор дает понять, что никакого отношения к предстоящим пол...
Length: 04:30

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