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WordPress Development Tutorials - pt 1 : HTML CSS to Theme
Easily convert static HTML sites into a WordPress theme. This theme uses twitter bootstrap as a style guide. Resources for theme are at
Length: 03:01
Wordpress Tutorial: HTML To Wordpress Pt.1
this is a tutorial on how I created my website in this tutorial I show you how to code an html & CSS template to...
Length: 23:44
Web Design and Programming Pt 2 PHP & HTML
I show you how to retrieve data sent from HTML forms using PHP. Also cover the if statement, switch statement and more. Code is here...
Length: 10:06
WordPress Development Tutorials - pt 3 : HTML CSS to Theme
How to create a menu with WordPress. This video shows how to create a menu within the WordPress dashboard. The next video will show how...
Length: 04:14
Wordpress Development Tutorials - pt 2 : HTML CSS to Theme
Create the header.php and footer.php files in order to use them throughout the theme.
Length: 03:05
WordPress Development Tutorials - pt 5: HTML CSS to Theme
Create the basic page template for interior wordpress pages.
Length: 03:18
Wordpress Development Tutorials - pt 4: HTML CSS to Theme
How to use wp_nav_menu() to generate a wordpress menu.
Length: 03:16
WordPress Development Tutorials - pt 8: HTML CSS to Theme
Modify the home page to pull in a blog feed.
Length: 07:02
Chatango Profile Editing - HTML (Pt.3)
Photo Bucket - Google images - Chatango -
Length: 09:15
WordPress Development Tutorials pt - 7: HTML CSS to Theme
Create the sidebar template to use in your WordPress theme (part two)
Length: 02:32

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