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PRÓLOGO - União Racial
1° Faixa do CD - União Racial lançado em 2002 pelo selo É Nóis na Fita Produções. Ainda é possível adquirir o álbum do grupo...
Length: 02:18
Obamacare Passes! U.S. to Lose AAA Rating? Tea Party protesters get Racial?
RADIO Obama Pays More Than Buffett as U.S. Risks AAA Rating
Length: 05:56
Racial Inequality in the Criminal Justice System
Fewer than 1 out of 100 Americans are imprisoned in the United States. But nearly one fourth of young black men are incarcerated in U.S....
Length: 03:32
Hollywood, Unions, Voter Turnout and Other Variables in L.A.'s Mayoral Race With only two weeks until the mayor...
Length: 05:34
Barack Obama and the 'Post-Racial' Paradox When Barack Obama was elected four years ago, there w...
Length: 09:01
Refugee Claims South Africa is Racist
An attorney for a white South African man, Brandon Huntley, says his client was rightfully granted refugee status in Canada because he was the victim...
Length: 02:13
Dating And Race - Color Still Matters
"A person's race is still a major factor when picking a partner, according to a study of dating app users. Research examining the preferences of...
Length: 07:21
Racist Punched Out For N-Word Tirade
"An unidentified white man was knocked out after yelling racial slurs at a black couple in the West Village on Friday evening. Witnesses to the...
Length: 03:05
Race and Crime
Blacks commit violent crimes against whites at 40 times the rate that whites commit violent crimes against blacks (Color of Crime). Whites who aren't willful......
Length: 46:48
Higiene racial ( eugenesia ) - Documentos TV
Documental manipulado de Documentos TV, dirigido por un judío ( Guillaume Dreyfus ), para demonizar la eugenesia. http://europasoberana.blogspot...
Length: 52:03

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