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Feb. 17 - squats
Length: 01:13
Πόδια καθίσματα Goblet Squats.avi /05/barbell-back-squat.html Τα καθίσματα (Squat) είναι άσκηση για το κάτω μέρος του σώματος και κατά την εκτέλεση ενεργοποιούν...
Length: 01:01
Einbeinige Kniebeuge aka Pistol Squat - Tutorial.wmv
http://www.kettlebell-weimar.d... Einbeinige Kniebeuge aka Pistol Squat. Trainingsprogression... Facebook - bellFitnessAthletics...
Length: 03:51
Bodyweight Squats JohnnyFit demonstrates the body weight squat. Facebook Twitter!/JohnnyFitLL...
Length: 00:58
Lo Squat: per i muscoli dei glutei e delle cosce. Informazioni sullo squat a corpo libero completo e corretto, e consi......
Length: 02:18
210kg Chain Death Ground Squat rep 7 of 10
Rep 7 of 10 of Death ground squat prior to drop down to 55% cycle METHOD BELOW
Length: 00:32
How to Perform the Squat (Squats)
http://video.ultimatefatburner... Personal trainer Sumi from shows how to perform the squat.
Length: 03:03
Death Ground Cluster Squats
I wanted to talk you through when to terminate a set of death ground squats (Squat like your life depends on it), here we have...
Length: 02:35
Πόδια Front Dumbbell Squats.avi
http://train-section.blogspot.... Τα πέλματα των ποδιών θα πρέπει να ακουμπούν στο δάπεδο και το βάρος να κατανέμεται ομοιόμο...
Length: 01:46
Exercise Challenge: 100 Sandbag Squats a Day For those of you without weights, or who aren't used to them, just do 100 squats...
Length: 01:59

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