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Demo Friend - Bleed (XBLIG)
It's a good game on XBLIG. No, really. PC Version Website:
Length: 09:44
Sword of Rapier - Trailer[Xbox360][XBLIG]
Soaring, New style Action RPG. Release on Xbox LIVE Indie Games! Sword of Rapier
Length: 01:41
FortressCraft ™ Spawn Request (XBLIG)
l720pHD + BASS UP + ENJOYl☯ Lyka Lyks Fortress Craft......Do YOU? (¬‿¬) Follow the line + Click! --------------------------☣V v▽v vVv v▽v V☣ Spawn/Workshop ...
Length: 03:21
Revolving horizontal scrolling shooter for XboxLIVE indie games! (80MSP now!)
Length: 01:06
XBLIG - Chester follow @BennFried New trailer for Chester. The (mostly) handdrawn platformer I'm working on for XBLIG. Should be out early 2011 at...
Length: 01:27
FortressCraft ™ EPIC Timelapse Garden (XBLIG)
l720pHD + BASS UP + ENJOYl☯ Lyka Lyks Fortresscraft.....Do YOU? (¬‿¬) Follow the line + Click! --------------------------☣V v▽v vVv v▽v V☣ Fortresscraft Tim...
Length: 03:02
Vintage Hero Trailer (XBLIG)
It's the year 198X. You know what to do. Download here: More info...
Length: 01:02
Hidden in Plain Sight -- Xbox Indie Game Preview
FAQ: http://adamspragggames.blogspo... Hidden in Plain Sight is my latest game for the Xbox Indie Games platform. ...
Length: 11:14
XBLIG - "Unicorn Makeout Mania" Game Play
Xbox LIVE Indie Games Developer:Softwaresoft http://hakotossdm.blog42.fc2.c...
Length: 02:05
Hidden In Plain Sight -- Xbox Indie Game Trailer
FAQ: http://adamspragggames.blogspo... Learn more about this game here:
Length: 01:03

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