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Chad9976 Makes Partner - Roast or Toast Video
BBA T-SHIRTS ARE FOR SALE: http://www.betterbeerauthority... Chad9976 made partner this week and asked for some "Ro...
Length: 00:32
Molson Canadian (2014 re-review) | Chad'z Beer Reviews #763
Another beer from the macro lager showdown of 2013. Another beer I liked when I reviewed just a few months ago. Would it hold up?...
Length: 06:30
2013 TAP NY Beer Fest: Day 2 (4/28/13 in Hunter, NY)
It's time for the biggest and BEST beer festival in New York State - TAP New York Craft Beer and Food Festival! This was my...
Length: 13:27
How much is Google+/YouTube pissing me off? Let me count the ways!
Ever since Google+ and YouTube merged, this site has really gone downhill and I don't see much hope for recovery. It's really pissing me off....
Length: 17:36
Heineken (2014 re-review) | Chad'z Beer Reviews #757
Man, I used to HATE Heineken. But then a few things happened in the last year that gave me newfound respect for it (I explain...
Length: 06:49
Bud Light (2014 re-review) | Chad'z Beer Reviews #750
Here we go. The best-selling beer in American and the #2 selling beer ON THE PLANET! How bad could it possibly be?! Read my text...
Length: 07:38
Keystone Light (2014 re-review) | Chad'z Beer Reviews #748
From the makers of Coors Light... for those that find Coors Light a bit too heavy. Read my text review here:
Length: 07:14
Guinness Draught Stout (2014 re-review) | Chad'z Beer Reviews #760
I think I've reviewed Guinness more than any other beer. It's been a while since my last formal review, so it was nice to sit...
Length: 07:29
Miller High Life (2014 re-review) | Chad'z Beer Reviews #749
I just reviewed this a year ago. My opinion couldn't possibly have changed much in the last 11 months could it? Read my text review...
Length: 07:14
Budweiser Black Crown | Chad'z Beer Reviews #758
Seems like Budweiser puts out a "serious" beer every few years. Last time it was "Budweiser American Ale," this time it's "Budweiser Black Crown." Will...
Length: 07:33

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