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Mrdragonrider2012's RS Commentary HTML 5 and Ridculousness of Gambling
HTML 5 will move RS in RS3 and Year One of the 6th Age. Now hopefully we fon't have idiots like ClsProduct and Mx799 to...
Length: 17:13
Oddity Archive: Episode 35.5 - Halloween Special 2012 (Commentary)
An all-too-brief look back at the Archive's first Halloween Special. Read more about the making of this episode at http://oddity-archive.blogspot...
Length: 09:39
Tsongkapa's daily practice commentary
Dear friends, Today I visited four large Buddhist Temples here in Kelantan State in East Malaysia. Afterwards the blog team and I went to the...
Length: 02:36
NASA's Huge Announcement (4.17.2014) Commentary
http://www.suspicious0bservers... Got STARWATER? Links Shown:
Length: 08:11
Runescape HTML 5 Xbox Controller Gameplay With Commentary
Hi this is a video I said that I would do just to give my opinion and talk about Runescape Beta with the Xbox 360...
Length: 05:11
Html,CSS, Textarea for Commentary
Length: 03:18
The Two Faces of Rome
It's a predicament. I love me some Roman Catholic lay people. And I hate me some whacky Gospel denying Popery. For citations of these teachings...
Length: 02:51
CoD2014 Competitive Support: New Info (Black Ops 2 Gameplay Commentary)
My Twitter: I have some leaked and some non-public information about e-sports support for the next Call of Duty game by...
Length: 07:18
Runescape 3 HTML 5 Beta Test Commentary
Sorry the game is basically unplayable even though my rig surpasses the system requirements ten fold. Hopefully it becomes better optimized because it does l......
Length: 06:57
Runescape 3 - HTML, New Guides And I HATE Thieving! - Commentary
So YEAH! give me some ideas on topics to talk about in future commentaries and guides you'd like to see. Or even new loot from...
Length: 10:54

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