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Today's Zaman -- Police use tear gas, water cannon to break up May Day demonstrations Today's Zaman is the best selling English-languag...
Length: 01:28
Weather experiment - Candle and water trick
In this video Sylvia Knight demonstrates an experiment that explains air pressure. For more details on this experiment as well as many others, visit...
Length: 02:00
Weather experiments - Turning water upside down
Can you turn water upside down? Karl Shepherdson demonstrates this simple experiment you can do at home with a bucket, a cup, some card and...
Length: 03:00
The Spooky Dude and Monty Roberts
How does Monty help a spooky horse like Dude go from phobically frightened to trusting people with scary objects - all in an hour or...
Length: 04:58
Weather experiment - How to make your own hygrometer
In this video Geoff Jenkins explains how to make your own wet and dry bulb hygrometer. This can help you to measure relative humidity. For...
Length: 06:34
Vivisection: Crime Against All Life
Please vote against animal research in this April 2009 LA Times poll:
Length: 05:39
Animal Research - Doctors Speak Out
You can vote against animal research in this ongoing Los Angeles Times poll:
Length: 03:25
Free Psychic Readings - Online Demonstrations
Visit for free psychic readings. A weekly demonstration of clairvoyance and mediumship that you are welcome to participate. T...
Length: 01:46
VES Student Award Winner Presentation and Workflow Demonstrations
http://ubuntu-mirror.globalhar... http://uk.globalhardwa...
Length: 39:39
Social Issues Breaking News: Court: Supervisors Must Be Able to Hire and Fire
Court: Supervisors must be able to hire and fire The Supreme Court says people must be able to hire and fire people to be considered...
Length: 00:41

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