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Calling Out The Hypocritical, War-Loving Left
TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: For much of the last decade, the left participated in activism and protests condemning the Bush ...
Length: 15:06
*GRAPHIC* Demand A Plan - Demand Celebrities Go F*CK Themselves!
Hypocrite celebrities and their anti gun agenda, created with the homie ***Warning*** c...
Length: 03:25
Zoe Saldana Nina Simone And Hypocritical Controversy
The controversy behind Zoe Saldana playing Nina Simone is justified yet a bit hypocritical. Jessica Ann Mitchell addresses the issue. JAM is also the founder......
Length: 04:48
Even women are standing up to the hypocrisy of feminism
To learn more about keeping bitch behavior in check: To "strong, independent" women who think they are equal to men, yet...
Length: 06:06
The Hypocrisy of US Calling for Enforcement of International Law
Michael Ratner: President Obama tries to condemn Russia's annexation of Crimea by justifying the illegal US invasion of Iraq.
Length: 08:25
Fox Hosts Rip Obama's Hypocritical Embrace Of Bush Policies: 'Uncle Sam Turns Out To Be Big Brother'
"In the name of trying to keep us all very safe, Uncle Sam turns out to be Big Brother," Steve Doocy remarked on Friday's Fox...
Length: 05:18
Hypocritical People @Frank_Legend
FB: Twitter: Instagram:
Length: 06:05
Red 'Welfare' States and the GOP Welfare Hypocrisy
While the current GOP often decries "welfare bums" and "parasites," they fail to recognize that is is overwhelmingly red states which receive the most federa......
Length: 06:58
pinchers hypocritical mind
dancehall reggae digital killer.
Length: 03:49
Is Your Love True Or Hypocritical?....Lordson Roch
Luke 9:23 And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily,...
Length: 46:54

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