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LEGACY MORPHER & DAIZYUJIN!-High School Journey 1.45
SO AWESOME!! :D ----------------------------- Where I got mah toys-- Razzle's twitter-- Ma...
Length: 21:14
Mind Blown:Inception-High School Journey 1.144
In this vlog I watch a video about an explanation of Inception and my mind dies. Here's the link to the video so that you...
Length: 08:31
What Are They Building?-High School Journey 1.216
In this vlog we pass by the construction thing again and now they've built the frame of whatever they're building. --------------------------------- Get a te...
Length: 04:24
Recorded Gaiden Ep3-High School Journey 1.151
In this I FINALLY record episode 3 of I Wanna Be The Guy Gaiden. --------------------------------- Get a text when I upload! -
Length: 03:40
Halfway Done Watching Sun Vulcan!-High School Journey 1.149
In this vlog I'm halfway done watching Sun Vulcan! --------------------------------- Get a text when I upload! - Main Channel - htt......
Length: 05:42
Preparing for LAN Party-High School Journey 1.135
In this vlog the computer club prepare for the last LAN party of the year, and I might not be going. --------------------------------- Get a text...
Length: 06:08
Romeo & Juliet Rant-High School Journey 1.143
In this vlog I go on a rant about Romeo & Juliet.. --------------------------------- Get a text when I upload! - Main...
Length: 10:46
I HAVE ENOUGH MONEY! :D-High School Journey 1.10
Tenth vlog of HSJ! Thanks for watching! Like, sub, and comment if you enjoyed. ------------------------------ --------------------------------- Main Channel-...
Length: 06:50
RANGER-CEPTION-Surviving 2012 Day 297
TUN TUNNNNN!!!! LIKE/SUB/COMMENT if you enjoyed. Thanks ------------------------------ --------------------------------- Main Channel--
Length: 07:59

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