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Exercice 4 muscler les obliques - Tonifit Domyos
Renforcez les obliques et les abdominaux tout en douceur grâce au Toni'Fit de Domyos. ➨ Mettez vous à genoux puis placez...
Length: 00:22
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Length: 01:51
Oblique Crunch - Side Oblique Exercise This video shows you how to perform an oblique crunch. This exercise targets your side abs (obliques). Keep the movement in...
Length: 00:24
FULL EPISODE-"Leaning the Love Handles" obliques and torso training - Real Hollywood Trainer
Real HOLLYWOOD TRAINER Dulcinea Lee Hellings "Leaning the Love Handles" exercises to trim and sculpt your oblique muscles. WORKOUT: "Leaning the Love Handles...
Length: 51:09
Oblique Twists: Strengthening Abdominals
Length: 01:59
Exercises to tone your Obliques
Exercises to tone your Obliques.
Length: 03:15
Cable Obliques 60kg C1W3
Length: 01:07
Intense Six Pack Lower Abs Obliques Love Handle Workout Part 1 This is the Six Pack Workout is a program hosted by Gabriel Martinez Certified Personal Trainer in NYC Part 1 http:/......
Length: 06:23
Medicine Ball Obliques
Medicine Ball Obliques (core) Equipment Needed: Medicine Ball/dumbbell Sit on the floor with feet flat on ground in front of you and legs bent. Bring...
Length: 00:40
Abdominal Muscles (Obliques)
Want to learn more about muscles of the trunk? Become a Personal Trainer at the Australian Institute of Fitness. Call us on 1300 669 669...
Length: 01:35

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