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Poem: Ode to Life
This is an old poem of mine, tribute to past poets. I have put some other poems and clips at
Length: 02:23
A Barbaric YAWP - Dead Poets Society
My favorite Dead Poet's Society Scene. Needless too say, this was what first taught me to respect Ethan Hawke.
Length: 03:12
Poet-to-Poet: Anne Waldman, From "Manatee/Humanity"
Anne Waldman reading from "Manatee/Humanity," as part of Poet-to-Poet, the Academy of American Poets' educational project for National Poetry Month 2014. htt...
Length: 09:25
Jesse Parent - "To the Boys Who May One Day Date My Daughter"
Check out Jesse's awesome book at his website! Performing during the Coaches Slam at the 2014 College Unions Poetry S...
Length: 03:14
Poem in Your Pocket Day
Each year on national Poem in Your Pocket Day, the town of Charlottesville, Virginia unites in a day-long celebration of poetry. The project is spear-headed...
Length: 04:34
Def Poetry - Sonia Sanchez - Poem for Some Women
Sonia Sanchez on Season 1 Episode 2 of Def Poetry Jam.
Length: 03:43
American Poets 2099/Mysterious ft. Cappadonna & Holocaust - Can't Fight us off the Mic
Produced by Excalibur from Mysterious. Single from the upcoming Chambermusik album: American Poets 2099 Vs. Mysterious - The World of Tomorrow, part 2.
Length: 03:55
Carolyn Forché Blaney Lecture: Poets Forum 2013.
Carolyn Forché delivers the Blaney Lecture -- "Not Persuasion, but Transport: The Poetry of Witness"—at the 2013 Poets Forum presented by the Academy of Amer......
Length: 45:59
Russia 2045 Avatar Project Milestones -Poetic Views- A strange ghost wanders lonely in Europe. It drifts about the entire technologically and spiritually advanced world. By the l...
Length: 09:21
Reveal (Poisonous Poets) - West London *EXCLUSIVE*
Reveal - 'West London' (Taken off the '7 Shades' EP) Reveal: DJ Gone:
Length: 03:48

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