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Soraka Dance Reference (BANANA)
Surrender@20 Weekly Recap for August 4, 2013 Links: Lucian and New Champ Releases:
Length: 04:51
New Soraka Skin (Spoiler, it's ugly)
Surrender@20 Weekly Recap for February 9, 2013 Links: Debonair Jayce: Smart Ping: http...
Length: 06:15
Meu Arsenal: Soraka
E ai galerinha do bem, blz? Esta é a build que uso pra jogar de Soraka mid e top :) Vamo jogar LoL?
Length: 11:36
League of Legends - Soraka (Português - BR)
Vamo jogar LoL? http://signup.leagueoflegends.... Minhas runas? Talentos? Histórico?
Length: 30:02
How To Play Soraka In S3? The OP Full Game Guide/Tutorial
Soraka guide/masteries/runes @ Philostone Vs Sightstones analysis : http://lolfunnystuffs.blogspot...
Length: 31:36
[10/31 PBE Update] New Soraka E particle
Soraka's Infuse now shoots a little beam at her target. More info:
Length: 00:07
"Ionia" (Soraka's song) - prizer of League of Legends "Songs of the Summoned" contest
MORE my LoL songs http://www...
Length: 02:52
How to put on prosthetic ears (Soraka) and a wig cap.
So this is the first of many Cosplay How to video tutorials I'll be doing. I show you how to put on a wig cap,...
Length: 05:34
League of Legends - Nueva Soraka - con Alexelcapo, Giorgio, Potimax y c4rlosca - FRAGMENTO DIRECTO
Videos de Ayer: ESPECIAL 77.777: like y fav? L&F Tengo Twitter!!!/chincheto77 Todas las noch...
Length: 32:22
Don't Mess with My Soraka
Having some Team Builder fun with Soraka in League of Legends for the Personal Computer. A fight with Vayne at the tower:

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